Ensuring compliance is an on-going, daily mission at Eagle. As a collection agency, we believe that protecting our clients by successfully maintaining compliance in a heavily regulated industry is one of the most crucial factors in earning our clients’ trust. Eagle understands that a third party agent is viewed as an extension of the client’s collection process, thus, Eagle consistently emphasizes the sensitivity and professionalism required of our employees while representing our clients. Eagle’s sterling record with State and Federal regulatory bodies is a testimony to this endeavor and our consistent emphasis on full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts and applicable State laws.

Eagle is committed to achieving total compliance. Informing our associates of changes in collection laws (Federal or State) and emphasizing the importance of practicing compliance is an integral part of the on-going training all collectors receive. State laws can change frequently and Eagle is dedicated to staying current with those changes. To ensure total compliance, Eagle maintains constant contact with the American Collectors Association.