Our Mission

At Eagle we understand that there are many factors that separate a typical agency from one who truly recognizes their clients’ needs.  Because of this, Eagle’s mission statement incorporates those important factors.

Eagle is committed to being the standard by which other collection firms are judged. Eagle pledges to provide exceptional customer service and superior collection results while we work along side our clients. By maintaining this commitment, Eagle will assist our clients in achieving their goals, thus allowing us to meet our objectives.

The following list includes some of those key points:

  • Eagle takes the necessary care in how we interact with your customers.  We realize the importance of maintaining our clients’ reputations and how they are perceived by their customers and the general public.  Because of this, we handle your customers with the respect that they deserve – your customer is our customer.

  • With thousands of competing agencies, we understand that our clients do have a choice in which agency they select.  That being said, we at Eagle will make every attempt to provide superior customer service coupled with exceptional recoveries.

  • In this period of ever increasing regulatory requirements, mounting staffing costs and decreasing revenues, we realize the importance of increasing your bottom line by recovering more of your delinquent A/R.  Providing superior recoveries for our clients is a commitment that is shared by the entire Eagle team.  Whether that assistance comes in the form of collections, consulting or training depends on the client’s needs.

  • With our extensive industry experience, Eagle is committed to assisting our customers with there A/R challenges.  In today’s world, technology is a requirement.  Eagle understands the importance and necessity of having the technology in place to track, enhance, and separate us from our competitors.  We are committed to streamlining the process in order to reduce costs, redundancies, waste and the most important commodity of all: your time.